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Today at work I served 4 men.

All very strong russian accents.

None of them shorter than 6 foot.

No smiles.

All eye contact.

All terror.

Pretty much my favorite part about longboarding on rainy days :)

Longboarding in the rain is one of my favorite things of all time

Longboarding really helps to get the words together.

Earlier tonight I hit a point of annoyance with everyone around me, myself included. I find that there’s such an amassment of negativity flowing around me again, and it’s not even something related to death or illness, things some people don’t have any control over.

I find that it’s the little things getting blown out of proportion, looking far too deeply into something somebody says and somehow twisting them into a misogynistic pig and rallying others into the hatred. Or reading a one sided article and bitching about how bad the person is without even thinking about the fact that there could be a completely different side of the story.

People will bitch and complain about each other but won’t make any goddamn plans to do anything about it, won’t have any resolve to just communicate what’s on their mind because they don’t know how to control themselves, because they don’t care to figure it out.

People will prefer to sit inside and text as opposed to even just going outside and enjoying the beauty the planet has to offer, natural or artificial.

 It’s laziness.

Being positive is hard, I get it, no I really do, I can’t remember the last time I worked without being called a cunt or filthy nigger by a customer. Do you know what that can do to a person over time?

I do.

But I refuse to let that happen to me, and as a result I reject the negative energies projected at me everyday by those who possess themselves with hatred. Most of my friends think I have one of the funnest jobs ever, it ain’t but the reason they think I have it so good is because I only talk about the best parts of my work.

I only talk about the best parts because those are the parts I concentrate on, the parts I look forward to going in for.

It’s so much harder to concentrate on the positive than the negative but I swear it’s so much more worth while, for you and the people around you. 

All you have to do is try.

Late night cruising session on cheapside, found a really neat spot to go bombing, it’s been so long since I bombed a hill on the first try, it’s so goddamn refreshing

Everyone’s so up in arms and angry these days.
Nobody wants to communicate and it makes me sad.

Everyone’s so up in arms and angry these days.

Nobody wants to communicate and it makes me sad.

So a friend asked me to look at her art and give her critical feedback.

Those were her words, critical feedback.

I let her know what was good, what wasn’t so good and how I though she could improve. Apparently she got really upset and was crying and stuff and her brother was like this guy’s being a complete asshole, so he messages me and basically threatens to come to London to beat me up.

I show him the chat history and ask if he still wants to beat me up, he said no and apologized for not looking into it further.

They both deleted me off Facebook and haven’t heard from him since.

What about this scares the hell out of me?

I was like that once.

Im making Quill into the prettiest princess, thank fuck this is all getting painted